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Pulled Pork
​We prepare every dish with care to make sure our customers enjoy the best dining experience possible. We offer BBQ.

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Angus Beef Brisket
This is the most tender Brisket you've ever had. It gets slathered and seasoned three times before it's smoked to perfection. 

Regular  5.55
Jumbo   9.55
By  the Pound 14.55
Baby Back Ribs
True Blue Flavor. They receive a slather and a 12 ingredient rub before they are basted and infused with that hickory smoked flavor until they are juicy and tender.

Half-Slab  14.95
Full-Slab   23.95
1/4 Snack  8.95
Pulled Pork
This pork is injected, slathered and rubbed slow smoked  until is reaches tender perfection

Regular  5.55
​Jumbo   9.55                      Pork By the Pound 11.95
Smoked Chicken
This chicken is smoked, juicy and seasoned with our special rub.

Regular  5.55
Jumbo   9.55
Carolina Pork
This pork is smoked and seasoned in our special Carolina sauce and topped with Jamaican Cole Slaw. 

Regular 5.95
Jumbo  9.95
Spare Ribs
Classic Flavor.These ribs are cut St. Louis style then they are slathered and rubbed then smoked until they are juicy and tender.

Half-Slab   13.95
​Full-Slab    22.95
1/4 Snack   7.95
Chicken Sandwiches
                                                                                                                         4 oz         8 oz       16  oz     11
Baked Beans               1.45        2.55         4.75      0
Potato Salad                   
Macaroni Salad
Mac & Cheese                  
Cole Slaw                        
Fries                                        1.75                                                           
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